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Here at Vital Electric, we understand the caution you will take around your industrial field. Whether you are in the process of building something new, or troubleshooting existing electrical issues, our primary concern is to make sure you and your workers stay safe. Here are some examples of the industrial services we provide:






It's time you met the safest industrial electrical contractor in Colorado!

We want to provide you with a long lasting relationship. With Vital Electric, you will have someone you know you can always call. We have experience working with industrial machinery, particularly on Colorado's oil and gas fields. This has given us extensive knowledge and capability to fix challenging issues, always with an eye for the long-term safety of you and your crew.

If your need is not explicitly described in this page, we are still the company for you! We have added a form at the bottom of the page where you can describe your specific need and we can get started as painlessly as possible. 

Electrician's Ethics


With Vital Electric we always do things the right way and pull permits if they are required before any work is done.
This promises everything is done properly, and helps give you peace of mind.

~ Ask how we can help protect your valuable investments

Industrial Services

The most important service we can offer you, is the protection of your crew. We encourage our clients call with any questions in regards to an immediate afety concern! 
Out most popular service requests are: 
  • Upkeep and Preservation of Electrical Systems
  • Troubleshooting Equipment and Existing Wiring
  • Consultations for Retrofitting and System Upgrades
  • On-site Walkthroughs to Fine Tune Calibration
  • Modifying Systems to Match Site Needs
We have extensive experience in the installation of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for drilling equipment, and other necessary gear such as measurement systems and transformers.
For those of us looking into Alternative Energy sources we offer a residential, commercial, and power grid hook up service for installed solar and wind energy systems.

Vital Electric will not work in collaboration with any electrician who does not meet our code of ethics. If multiple contractors are required for a job, we hope you use these guidelines when considering our companions!

Reach out and see how we can help you achieve your wildest electrical dreams! 

Request a Quote
Choose from the services listed below and let us know about your project! Any details you can add here will help us give you a rough estimate before we meet you on-site.

At Vital Electric we pride ourselves on our transparent pricing, we like to use these estimates to make sure that we are on the same page as our potential customers. 

We look forward to meeting you on-site for an evaluation and providing a final quote!

Thank you! We will be in touch as soon as possible.


Don't forget to check out our commercial and residential services!

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