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Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Kaden Clark is the Owner & President of Vital Electric with over a decade of experience in the trade. He grew up in a rural town in Nebraska on a family-owned farm that harvested over 3,000 acres of crops and raised a couple hundred head of cattle each year. When Kaden wasn’t farming or taking care of the animals, he spent countless hours fixing and upgrading their agricultural machines and working on his grandfather’s classic car collection. From a young age he was always driven by a natural talent for mechanical and electrical systems and loved worked on anything with a motor.  His passion for troubleshooting quickly developed into a promising electrical career at the age of eighteen years old when he began working for the biggest electrical contractor in town. Kaden was thrown into an extremely fast-paced job working for a firm no-nonsense boss that always had a sink or swim attitude with his new employees. Thankfully with Kaden’s natural instincts and some guidance from his new journeyman he was able to hit the ground running and swiftly climbed to the top of the company. Kaden was eager to learn and had a new-found confidence in electrical. He had the chance to work in several Agricultural plants, Oil and Gas sites, Commercial facilities and residential homes. The opportunity to work through this wide range of diversity gave Kaden the ability to expand and perfect his knowledge in each field and never settle to only learn one. As the years have passed Kaden realized he had the desire for more in his life and started to feel an urge to become a leader in the industry. At this time, he started his own business and has been thriving as the owner and founder of Vital Electric since. Outside of work, he cherishes the time he spends with his beautiful family, wife Margaret, 5-year-old daughter Capri and young son Benjamin. They enjoy fly fishing, camping, hiking and exploring anything the incredible outdoors has to offer.

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