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At the core of our business, Vital Electric is committed to providing excellence and professionalism to every customer. We guarantee excellence in the superior quality of workmanship and equipment that we deliver. We install only the best, cutting-edge technology, and craft elite design systems that can be implemented in your establishment or home. In using Vital Electric, you can be certain the quality will be second to none.


With Vital Electric, you can be sure to be met with nothing but professionalism both on and off site. Professionalism is inherent to the pride a Master Electrician takes in both his skillset and the way he treats his clients. We are proud to say that when you work with us you become like family; and our client's one hundred percent satisfaction is our only priority. This is a contractor who has advanced knowledge of all city, state and national electrical code (NEC). 


With us, you can be assured to navigate your job from the start of planning and permitting, through to the end final product with ease.


Kaden is a licensed Master Electrician, and Vital Electric is fully insured. We are based in beautiful McCook, and we proudly serve all surrounding cities and rural areas.


Kaden has always excelled and has a passion for achievement. For over 10 years, Kaden has devoted his all to becoming your skilled and respected master electrician. Prior to starting Vital Electric, Kaden contributed his talent to multiple large, local jobs. Most notable among these include: the innovative Canvas Stadium for CSU, installing multimillion-dollar microchip manufacturing machines for Broadcom, and running all electrical maintenance for the Woodward Governors Headquarters (an aerospace and industrial facility). He has also spent multiple stints on various Oil and Gas sites; running crews as far out as Walden, CO. At the young age of twenty-seven years old, Kaden decided it was time to start his own business and Vital Electric LLC came to be.


We are grateful to say that with unmatched hard work and dedication, Kaden has been running his business successfully for over two years.


Working with you is our privilege and an honor. We take a one-on-one personal approach to make sure the client and contractor are always on the same page. We aim to build our business the old-fashioned way, through reputation.  


Instead of spending money to be on the top of a google search page; we choose to invest in customer retention, and word of mouth recommendations from our family of customers. We are the electrician for you. Your home, your businesses, your community will all be treated with the utmost respect and care. We are here to  help our local stores, facilities and families grow in our beloved Colorado.

We are here for the safety of the people you care about, and places you invest in. Trust in a company with good ethics and strong values. Trust in Vital Electric.

Electrician's Supplies


"Above quality service done in a timely manner with the upmost care and precision. I've personally worked with Vital Electric on a variety of projects, and hold them in the highest of regard for their expertise, dependability, and sound business practices. The level of professionalism and the friendly service go hand in hand to provide an unparalleled experience. "

- Colin M.

Vital Electric; we strive for one hundred percent satisfaction with any venture; no matter how big or small. We can do it all!

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